Bantha fodder: Solo: A Star Wars Story

SoloTales of a troubled production history used to sink movies before they even had a commercial chance; now, they’re just another part of the marketing toolkit, designed to give a product the illusion of unpredictability, conferring an underdog status on a multimillion-dollar micromanaged enterprise as if to lower expectations and then bask in the triumph of surpassing them. This week’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, an origin yarn about the iconic space pirate made famous by Harrison Ford, arrives with just such a chequered past. Original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were dismissed over creative differences and replaced with Ron Howard, while an acting coach was brought in to jazz up star Alden Ehrenreich’s supposedly lacklustre performance. And yet, what do you know, you can hardly tell in the finished work. The film is cohesive, zippy and confident to a fault, an interlocking piece of an ever-expanding – or should that be contracting – universe where most of the spontaneity has been relegated to the bad press. Missing is the loose, funky feel synonymous with its brash smuggler pilot – or, dare one suggest, the movie that Lord and Miller were trying to make. Continue reading “Bantha fodder: Solo: A Star Wars Story