Summer movies on ABC’s Radio National


Joined Jason Di Rosso, The Age‘s Jake Wilson and The Australian‘s Philippa Hawker to discuss summer movie releases—Jackie, Rogue One, La La Land, and more—on ABC Radio National’s The Final Cut. Continue reading “Summer movies on ABC’s Radio National”


Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Joe AlwynWar on terror skirmishes, cheerleaders, stretch Hummers, erectile dysfunction gags, Vin Diesel as a Hindu-channeling angel—you’d better believe Ang Lee was justified in his decision to shoot this all-American circus in eye-searing, super frame rate splendour, destined as it eventually is for the undiscerning hyper-reality of high definition home consumption. That only six cinemas on the planet are actually equipped to project his vision theatrically is a shame, but since most audiences will likely experience it on their flat screen devices at this rate, it’s a film in the unusual position of both shooting itself in the foot and being ahead of the curve at the same time. And it’s a strange creature to boot. Continue reading “Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk