Don’t Look Down: Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk

thewalkRobert Zemeckis’s best films have always celebrated pop culture’s crackpot dreamers, from time-traveling scientists (Back to the Future) to youth-obsessed actresses (Death Becomes Her) and starry-eyed extraterrestrial researchers (Contact). Like so many of his characters, Zemeckis is a showman, a technical magician, and his new film—based on the real-life adventures of wire-walker Philippe Petit—opens in full-tilt fabulist abstraction. Continue reading “Don’t Look Down: Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk


Oh Well, Whatever, Neverland: Joe Wright’s Pan

panJ.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan already had one notorious reimagining in Steven Spielberg’s Hook, and the existence of Joe Wright’s new “prequel” immediately conjures the specter of the dreadful Oz the Great and Powerful: both involve a contrived origin story about the early days of their iconic characters, in this case Peter Pan and his future nemesis Captain Hook, that precisely no one outside the studio accounting department was clamoring for. But Wright actually feels like a great fit for this material, and he may even have found his niche. Continue reading “Oh Well, Whatever, Neverland: Joe Wright’s Pan