Review: George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road

madmaxIt begins with the sound of a machine and ends on the image of a revolution. Thirty years after his hero walked off into a nuclear sunset, George Miller returns for more than just a greatest-hits package, orchestrating a go-for-broke action symphony that’s also wonderfully, wildly subversive. Continue reading


Review: Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent

saintlaurent“We are bodies without souls,” the iconic couturier Yves Saint Laurent writes at one point in Bertrand Bonello’s new film, “because the soul is elsewhere.” Where most biopics spend so much energy cramming in narrative detail that their subject eludes them, Saint Laurent acknowledges the essential inability of the form to ever fully “know” a person, relishing instead the mystery of the fashion designer as an enigma that transcended him. Fiercely corporeal, it’s also haunted by something almost otherworldly, observing as a physical existence dissolves into myth, and finally—like some fantasy-movie tagline—a legend. Continue reading