Hymn to “Her”: Joaquin Phoenix on Spike Jonze’s Film and the Celebrity Gauntlet


“You get these questions where people want to be really authentic and talk to you, and you go, ‘Well, the whole situation is fucking strange to begin with.'” Continue reading


The Humanity of Evil: Joshua Oppenheimer on “The Act of Killing”

act“I made a decision that I would never make the leap from thinking because Anwar has done something monstrous I will treat Anwar as a monster at all times; I will treat him as human at all times. And to treat someone as human is to be open to them and allow yourself to be close to them and be charmed by them or to like them.” Continue reading

Interview: James Franco on “Sal”, James Dean and “Cruising”


“I liked the freedom that I saw — or at least that I could sense from movies, or reading about it — and I like the rebelliousness of it.” Continue reading


Perchance to Electric Dream: A Curious Chat with Spike Jonze


“This is Spike Jonze. I’m sitting here with Luke and we’re doing an interview for a movie.” Continue reading


Kathleen Hanna on “The Punk Singer”, Her Fave Films and the Legacy of Riot Grrrl


“I don’t really want ‘riot grrrl’ to be living, because I’m not that interested in, like, fetishizing what already happened.” Continue reading


Interview: Keanu Reeves, Movie Director


“Aesthetic-wise, the film that I was probably looking at the most was Funny Games by Michael Haneke.” Continue reading


Interview: Abel Ferrara Revisits “Ms. 45”


“Then she starts shooting guys, and this audience — as loud as they got for Idi Amin, they were quiet. When she blasts that dude between the legs with that gun, I’m telling you bro — it was like, I mean, I was stunned.” Continue reading